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About the farm

In the 1940's Auburn Fry purchased 60 acres of land along Osage Creek. He planned to raise cattle, provide for his family and pass the farm on to his son if possible. Eighty years later, Auburn's dream is still going strong. The third and fourth generations of Fry men are now running the farm, which has grown to about 1,800 acres. We raise grass-fed beef, sheep, goat and pastured pork which we sell to consumers all over Northwest Arkansas and Southern Missouri.

We believe God has entrusted this little corner of Earth to us, and it's our job to steward it well. To that end, we do our best to imitate nature and practice regenerative agriculture.

The farm is located in the rural community of Osage, Arkansas. Northwest Arkansas (Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville) and Branson, Mo, are both within an hour's drive. The Buffalo National River is a quick 30-minute trek from the farm, and there are multiple small towns within a half-hour's drive.

About the Position

On any given day, you may find yourself building electric fences, running water lines, moving cows from one pasture to another, feeding sows, bush hogging or some other farm chore. You will have the opportunity to experience everything required to operate a direct-to-consumer, diversified livestock farm. Your day-to-day responsibilities will be based on your previous experience, but you should expect them to expand during your time on the farm.

Our family works hard but also values rest and recreation. The work is rarely easy, but we try to keep it enjoyable. You should expect to work 8-10 hour days during the week and a few hours over the weekend.

The position comes with housing in a two-bedroom, 1,100-square-foot house. You will have your own bedroom but may have a housemate. You will also have access to the "fruit of your labor" in the form of ribeyes, pork chops, ground beef etc. Pay for the position ranges from $12-14/hour, depending on your previous experience.

You should be willing to commit at least one year to the internship.

About You

To enjoy and thrive in this role, you need to be accustomed to hard work. Work on the farm happens rain or shine, heat or cold. While your safety is essential and will always be made priority, you can expect to sweat, have sore muscles and get a few cuts and bruises.

We're going to be spending a lot of time with you. So, we would like to work with someone enjoyable to be around. Our family is pretty laid back. We try not to take ourselves too seriously and love to play games and spend time with each other. If that doesn't sound like an environment you'd enjoy, that's okay. However, you may want to look for an internship elsewhere.

Experience in farming or a related field is preferred but not required. A love of the land and an openness to learn are required.

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