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The Why...

We take pride in crafting tender and flavorful, 100% grass-fed beef. We place a premium on land sustainability and animal welfare because we feel God has given us these resources to steward. We use a rotational grazing system that allows our animals to eat fresh grass all year while also preserving the Osage Creek water supply that runs through our property. Though our farm has been around for 80 years, we started finishing our cattle on grass and selling locally in 2015. We have loved becoming part of the local food system and we can't wait to be a part of your family's table.


The Great Depression was hard for many families, and the Fry Family was not excluded. Auburn and Marie Fry moved with their two children to New Mexico to be with family in the 30s. As soon as they moved back to Arkansas, they found a piece of land to call their own. After living in the desert, Auburn had one criteria for the land—it better have water. He bought 80 acres and our family farm was born. 


As the family grew and changed, so did the farm. Auburn purchased surrounding farms as families moved to town. Auburn's son Larry Fry eventually came back home to take over the farm. With him came his wife Suellyn and 2 children. The humble 80 acres eventually expanded to 1,000 acres and a thriving cattle operation. In 2001, Larry's son, Brent Fry, moved his family into Auburn and Marie's farm house to be involved in the family business. Brent and his wife, Jennifer, currently live on the farm and run the day to day operations. Check out the bios below to learn a little more about everyone involved!


The farm currently runs 200 head of Angus base cattle in a rotational grazing system that allows them to have fresh grass year round. They drink from spring fed tire tanks which allows us to reduce erosion. In June 2017, we purchased an additional 700 acre expansion that we are working to incorporate into the current operation.In 2014 we started transitioning our farm to grass-fed beef. We believe that cattle fed on grass receive the best nutrition for their entire lives. We provide meat that is grass-fed and 100% grass-finished, no grain involved. They are antibiotic and hormone free. We currently sell grass-fed beef to local restaurants, the farmers market, and local grocery stores. We also sell directly to local consumers through our local delivery and pick up schedule.

Meet our Family

  • Drew & Kaley Fry
    Drew & Kaley Fry
  • Brent & Jennifer Fry
    Brent & Jennifer Fry
  • Kelton & Aubree Hays
    Kelton & Aubree Hays