Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie
This recipe is a veggie-fide version of a comfort food classic. We love to double this recipe to have left overs as well. This recipe is adapted from a version published by The Real Food Dietitians, if you ever need recipe ideas, its a great place to look. A cast iron skillet is a great tool for this recipe if you have one because you can transfer everything straight into the oven. This recipe is also great if you have left over vegetables that need to be used. Any vegetables that are already cooked can be added to your filling at the end because they just need to be heated through.
Beef Fajitas
We LOVE fajitas in our house. There is something beautiful about a dish that is so simple, but is still so delicious. Another wonderful thing about this dish is that it's not one size fits all. Each person can put exactly the right amount of fixings on their tortilla to fit their palette. This recipe is also very flexible, feel free to mix and match whatever veggies you have on hand to make your fajitas unique.